Sponsorship of our service users is vital to meet the on-going running costs of our organisation. 


Could you sponsor one of our young people on a monthly basis, we  ask for a minimum of just £10 per month, these funds collectively provide for transport, wages, food, medication, community inclusion days, materials, resources and equipment.


There is no contract, no set amount, no set time scale just for as long as you financially able to do so.


Once you have chosen who you would like to sponsor you will receive letters, pictures and an update on their welfare twice yearly.


The level of communication between yourselves and your sponsored young person will be decided by yourselves and discussed once sponsorship has been established.

Sponsor Write up’s



Our trip to Tanzania was wonderful. My friend Maureen and myself had requested to volunteer with Nations Together in Bomang’ombe, Tanzania.  The founders of the charity, Keith and Laura, made us very welcome and gave us a real insight into Tanzanian life. We visited several local tourist spots such as the magnificent snow capped Kilimanjaro, the Cultural Heritage museum in Arusha and a Maasai village with its round huts, one for each of the Maasai warriors wives [they tend to have 5 wives each!], all places to be recommended. Keith and Laura made sure that we had an unbelievable experience.


My friend and I were very keen to see how Nations Together ‘works’. We were most impressed with the whole operation. The service users were so happy to have a centre to visit every week and the staff, all local people, were keen to help each service user with their individual needs. As the service users left for home each day with their member of staff/instructor, they seemed to be most happy to be taking home the craft that they had made, to show their parents.

I was very impressed with how  Mama Grace and her team cooked nourishing meals in the tiny kitchen at the centre, with only a single calor gas hob.

Maureen and I also accompanied the service users with a parent each, and the staff, on a trip to Arusha National Wildlife Park.  About 50 of us squeezed into a coach and  a couple of safari trucks. It was lovely to see the looks on faces, as some service users saw giraffes , monkeys and zebras for the first time. That really was a fun day.


Laura has introduced a sponsorship scheme so that anyone can sponsor an adult  with  extra needs, who comes under the Nations Together umbrella. I pay £15 a month to help Faddy [Fadihalia] who has severe autism plus other profound needs and requires medication every day for his epilepsy etc. Faddy lives at home, with his family in a little stone hut, out in the dusty countryside. Before Nations Together helped out there was no medication provided, making life very difficult for both him and his family.


My time in Tanzania was a fantastic experience. I would encourage anyone  to either donate, volunteer or sponsor a service user, as it is a very worthwhile experience, helping such vulnerable people.


Joy Williamson.