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How can you help

Set yourself a challenge

Could you set yourself a challenge to raise £100 to help support the wages of the Support Workers in Tanzania or the much needed funds to pay for transport for all Service Users to attend the Activity Room or experience new places such as going to the local town, swimming or visit the National Parks.

We are giving the date of the 1st January 2019 as the target date.

Could you sign up for this challenge 🙂

This can be raised in any way you like, holding a coffee morning, raffle, name cards, sponsored event or just a donation –

       Thanks so much

Your Events

We would really appreciate anyone raising funds to support our project, please let us know if you are and what you are doing 🙂

Ideas are:

  • Guess the wieght of a cake
  • Guess the baby’s birth weight.
  • Name cards
  • Raffle
  • Sponsored swim, silence, run, three legged walk, danceathon, sitting in a baked bean bath, chest wax, head shave etc.
  • Charity Ball
  • Charity Disco
  • Bingo night
  • Race night
  • Auction
  • Cake sale
  • Coffee mornings


Every penny/tanzanian shilling counts towards helping Nations Together provide support workers to enable and empower service users to be socially included, to experience new and exciting things and meet new friends.

To enable this to happen we need a regular source of income and so we are asking our supporters, you guys, if you would consider sponsoring our project by setting up a monthly payment of £3, £5, £10 or £20, what ever amount you feel you could offer.

We appreciate that personal situations change and so there is no contract for sponsorship just what you can give when you can give it, but just please let us know either way.     Thank you

Our Events


  • Auction of African goods  
  • Car boot sales
  • Coffee mornings
  • Auctions
  • Summer Fun Day
  • Party night extravangaza
  • Race night


Details to follow on events.

Any donation is very much appreciated

Paypal account

Donating through Paypal is a safe, secure and easy way to ensure that we recieve the funds you donate.

please use the button below

Thank you is an amazing way to raise funds:

It costs you nothing

All you have to do is register with search Nations Together and acitivate donations.

Every time you use online shopping Nations Together will recieve a donations

you can follow the link below to join.

This is so valuable to our cause

Thank you

Monthly sponsorship is a great way to support the work of Nations Together.

There is no contract, no set amount, no set time scale, just what you feel you can give, no amount is to small.

If you are interested in supporting us on a monthly basis please contact us for further details through email or phone

Thank you

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