Hello there;

A little bit about us, we are a couple who live in Lincolnshire, UK. Keith and Laura. By chance we both have a connection with Africa and love its beauty and vibrancy.  

We appreciate all that we have in our lives and recognise that there are many people in this world who do have access to the same opportunities and privileges that we have such as the National Health Service, benefits system, social housing, social services and many charitable and voluntary organisations that can offer support to almost every sector of our society.

But this led us to thinking about others in this world who suffer on a daily basis and we simply want to help in some small way.

As William Wilberforce said in his fight for humanity …


Well we did know and we did see that people with learning difficulties were and sadly still are being mistreated, neglected, excluded and abused; this is Julius story:


Julius; the inspiration for Nations Together,

Julius had an informal diagnosis of Autism, he was found locked in a shed and scraps of food thrown at him, he was rescued by the organisation I previously volunteered for where he lived until he died, sadly the effects of his life and lack of nutrition for so long could not save him, Julius was a joy to be around, comical in a very literal way, he had a heart of gold and many said a “smile like an angel”, Julius quickly demonstrated that he could be as independent as anyone else he enjoyed his comradeship with others his own age and was beautiful with younger children.

Julius’s life so sadly misunderstood is why Nations Together is on a mission to offer acceptance, inclusion, safety and opportunity to people with  learning difficulties living in the Kilimanjaro Region of Tanzania…. and this is where our story begins.